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At 10:45pm on May 3, 2012, ibrahim mohamad said…


كيف حالك

At 10:07pm on March 26, 2011, ibrahim said…


كيف حالك

At 2:29pm on August 5, 2010, no one some one said…
صفحه جميله وانشاء الله يتحقق السلام على ارض السلام ويزول الظلام وخفافيش الظلام
At 9:54pm on June 4, 2010, Hayyim Feldman said…
Salaam-shalom Hiba,

Just saying hi, because I miss you. I'm glad to know you're out there in the world being you!

Love and blessings,
At 7:54pm on March 25, 2010, Brian Outinen - Kitagis Miigizi said…
I reviewed your page and find it wonderful and true. Peace must come within. war brings on war peace brings on peace. Everyone comes from someone and every person we think to kill is someone elses child. Which inturn is our child. We should look at life in a string that is looped in a circle verse a striaght line with a beginning and an end. For all of our desendence are immortal in every fashion or form no matter the out come we all are the influence.! So, keep smiling we make peake one person at a time as you do! :)
At 9:02pm on January 10, 2010, shade alnatshe said…
مرحبا كيفك انا شادي من الخليل اعمل مصور صحفي بالتلفزيون الالماني
ممكن نكون صحاب ايميلي
At 11:19am on January 10, 2010, linda abed said…
تحياتي لك هبة اتمنى ان كون اصداقاء
كل التقدير والاحترام
ليندا من غزة
At 1:09pm on January 6, 2010, murad said…
At 8:57am on January 3, 2010, zidan el Buhaissi said…
اعشق فلسطين وتراب فلسطين
At 3:52pm on December 19, 2009, murad said…
Something you didn't know about me:
At 2:53pm on November 13, 2009, harry deloria handenero said…
hello hiba your so great upon putting a nice picture in herbron hope someday i can visit in that place i like too and your so blessed that you were and nice to see you here in this organization hope that you will do better more and i challenge you to come personally here in the philippines just to see me personally and may you say its harry and me god bless you friend hope to be you will be the good follower god,
At 2:30pm on October 26, 2009, fesalk411 said…
A True Story By Faisal Al-Hatib
I am a Palestinian Arab from Hizmeh, a village between Jerusalem and Ramallah. When I was 15 years old I fought against the Israeli Occupation in search of freedom. At that time I thought every Jewish person, whether soldier or citizen, man or woman, young or old, should be killed. I rejected the right for any Jew to live and every Jew was a target. I was just a kid, believe me, and I didn’t understand anything about politics or the Arab-Israeli conflict. I was arrested and sat in jail for 12 years. This was during the first intifada from 1987. At that time nobody talked about peace but only of violence. I matured during my time in jail. I started studying and reading books on politics, literature, poetry, and about the Madrid Conference.

It gave me hope to live in peace and dignity. I learned that violence only breeds violence and that peace is the only solution for the two nations, the only way for both to have a respectful and beautiful future. We live on the same land. We are neighbors. We drink the same water and both pray to a monotheistic God. We must live in peace on the basis of religion for God and land for everyone.
At 8:46am on October 16, 2009, Jasmine Matthews said…
hey hiba. i will be in the tel aviv area next week visiting from the US. my friends and i have a peacemaking band . we play acoustic tribal, drum circle type music and i wanted to know if you know of any good places that our music would be welcome. somewhere with a good atmosphere and lots of people around:) and we will be at the beach and various markets and moving around from city to city. if you are interested in meeting up with us at all, you can send me your information and we can keep in touch. i would love to meet with you! thank you!
At 3:52am on October 3, 2009, Jasmine Matthews said…
hiba i love the songs on your page! sooo beautiful! its arabic right?! i'm just becoming familiar enough with the sound of the language to recognize it :) i'll consider myself enculturated when i can speak it though, which i REALLY want to but the lack of resources in my region does not help AND from what i have tried so far it is not easy for me. i do love to hear you speak though, and sit in awe sometimes when i watch the videos from mepeace. perhaps one day i will be able to speak so fluently....please, if you have any more music, upload it or let me know the artist so i can download it myself because i so enjoy it! thank you!
At 2:07pm on September 26, 2009, Tayser M. H. Khdor said…
هبة كيفك ؟ ممكن نلتقي على الفيس بوك بنفس الايميل يلي هون
At 1:29pm on September 17, 2009, nabil fouad ismail turkieh said…
thnks u hiba to add me
At 2:56pm on August 25, 2009, Eyal Raviv said…
Salaam Aleikum and Ramadan Kareem. I love Cairo, thank you for asking. I look forward to seeing you at the Talitha Kumi.
At 10:14am on August 24, 2009, Jamal Salameh said…
hii kefek
At 12:33pm on August 19, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
نعتب على الهوا ونبكى على فراقه ونعلم بأنه من سراب .. فانا اهوى الهوى يا أهل الهوى .. آلا فى طبكم لحالى دوا
At 11:43am on August 14, 2009, fesalk411 said…
السلام عليك ولك ولنا ولكل ابناء البشر انا فيصل ابحث وانا ضل من احل سرم عادل ودائم على مبدء الين الله والوطن للجميع عل فكره انا اسير سابق امضيت من عمري في السجون الاسرائيليه 12 عام
0525155347 0598495349


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