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At 6:03pm on February 25, 2011, Irit Hakim-Keller said…
hi, I do hope so. I am in England, visiting family. If I can - I would love to join. But as it is, it is not only me to chose times, you know...:):) I shall try my best though.
At 10:11pm on January 30, 2011, Irit Hakim-Keller said…

hi Narda,

it is now, after the Encounter of tonight, that I read for the first time your profile. I am very impressed and touched.

I couldn't find the "messages" on your page, so this would be all for now.

best regards

good night 



At 1:00pm on July 22, 2010, Hussain Bux Balouch said…
Very logical views. I am intrested to have Phd on jewish law perferrably from Isreal because I want to break the Ice as for Pakistanis it is prohibited by govt. to go to Isreal which a hurdle to peace because essence of peace is lying in unity therefore i want to be the first one as first step to peace between muslims and jews, Pakistan and Isreal. will any one help me in this regard?
At 1:42am on November 4, 2009, Deborah J. Boyd said…
I would like to invite you to join My friend, Napoleon C. Biirch, Jr. was born in Liberia and came to the USA at age 12. He has designed the perfect platform to do whatever you need to do with all the tools required. We have ways for you to do fundraising, and more. We are closely aligned with the UN and we are working on building a fund that can be used to develop regions of the world where commercial investors see little reason to invest.
Love & Peace, Deborah
North American Director
Village Direct Organization
At 4:20am on November 3, 2009, Jeffrey Levy said…

I live in Boston area and have not been on site w Machsom Watch. Maybe
At 4:34am on November 2, 2009, Jeffrey Levy said…
Hi Narda,

Thank you for your note regarding Machsom Watch. What I meant to ask about
was not Machsom Watch itself, but the about the mepeace group interested in
Machsom Watch............
At 2:19pm on October 24, 2009, fesalk411 said…
A True Story By Faisal Al-Hatib
I am a Palestinian Arab from Hizmeh, a village between Jerusalem and Ramallah. When I was 15 years old I fought against the Israeli Occupation in search of freedom. At that time I thought every Jewish person, whether soldier or citizen, man or woman, young or old, should be killed. I rejected the right for any Jew to live and every Jew was a target. I was just a kid, believe me, and I didn’t understand anything about politics or the Arab-Israeli conflict. I was arrested and sat in jail for 12 years. This was during the first intifada from 1987. At that time nobody talked about peace but only of violence. I matured during my time in jail. I started studying and reading books on politics, literature, poetry, and about the Madrid Conference.

It gave me hope to live in peace and dignity. I learned that violence only breeds violence and that peace is the only solution for the two nations, the only way for both to have a respectful and beautiful future. We live on the same land. We are neighbors. We drink the same water and both pray to a monotheistic God. We must live in peace on the basis of religion for God and land for everyone.
At 12:11pm on October 24, 2009, saher angel said…
At 6:18pm on October 14, 2009, Narda Azaria Dalgleish said…
Greetings to you Sabine from Tel Aviv

And thank you for your kind comment. The most important factor for peace building is - in my view - to have certainty in its posibility; hence showing what has already been established and what is happening now is absolutely essential.

It is my intention to somehow begin to clasify the large data I've already selected and gathered on so I'm still contemplating how to go about it technically. Though MEPEACE, has somewhat less tecnical options I'd be delighted to help create something similar here - presuming everyone is happy for me to do so...:)

All the best

At 9:18am on October 14, 2009, Sabine Theresia said…
" target="_blank">

Dear Narda,
you seem to be a very wise and knowing woman! I've read the comment you wrote to Shells within the volunteers group listing up and commenting these already working projects / organisations.
Maybe, you would like to join Shells in building up a volunteers section concerning Middle East programs for young people / families and dialogue / meetings in Palestine / Israel.
Another one, who could be very helpful, is Corey Gil-Shuster. When you read his profile and see his powerful video collection, you will understand.
Shells asked me for help, but i am not so good in organizing. And when i take over responsibility for 'big things', i quickly get lost and totally stressed in all the different tasks, ideas, needs...
A big list presenting all the already functioning meeting projects and maybe another one for young people's / family/ parents support would be helpful for a lot of people willing to take part in the process. Informing comments and documentary videos should be added to the list. I do not know, which technical way for that would be the best.
Maybe you, Narda, have the time and energy for something like this. Somehow, you already have started, as you already could offer this mentioned list.

I added the video in case you didn't meet Leon Berg and the method of 'Council' here on mepeace up to now. COUNCIL seems to be one of those really helpful and effective methods / projects. Too many of them are simply not known.

Thank you, Narda, for BEING, SHARING, WORKING and LOVING here on mepeace and wherever you are!
Thank you for publishing this deep deep poem (under 'Why i want peace:')
Sunny greetings from an awakening fresh morning in Cologne!
At 5:45pm on October 10, 2009, Wael_ said…
Sorry Narda .. it is frustration.
Is it possible to drive there from Ramallah?
if u are online we can chat on SKYPE wael.alsaad
At 8:24am on October 10, 2009, Wael_ said…
got it .. it will be so bitter to so near to Jerusalem and not accessing it. To be honest, I think we can only develop sustainable peace process, if we know we will not be trapped with "business as usual" the day after these actions are finished. The whole of our economic life is supporting corruption and made by it. An answer to this would be the large scale cooperative hybrid bottom up company/corporation.
At 9:53pm on October 9, 2009, Wael_ said…
let me check when and where exactly .. I could not open the link you have posted.
At 1:12pm on October 9, 2009, Jane Young said…
Hi Narda

Thanks for the invite - confusion or no confusion it's nice to be asked!! I live in Spain which is why it would be difficult for me to help with the olive picking etc :) Hence the thoughts.....

Many blessings
Jane :)
At 8:18am on October 9, 2009, Wael_ said…
great .. I could make it to come a Friday morning where ever you are here ~ you can propose a date now .. my mobile 0599270007
cool to meet Abed and other friends as well .. enjoy the nature and loving the spirit the land giving and sharing .. the blessings of olives branches .. the faces ..
At 11:43pm on October 8, 2009, Abed khalil said…
exactly its as Al-Sawaiya the same you sow by googel ,i like so much the words you used in descibing our village hope we will meet there.
At 9:10am on October 8, 2009, Abed khalil said…
thanks for your concerns and your intention to help yes you cane join us the 2 days you mentioned just call me to arrange your arrives ...its a good occasion for gathering and picking olives by hand then but it in poxes usually olive harvest required many hands to make it easy and interesting .
please for further questions call me on 0546723184.
At 7:45pm on September 6, 2009, Ali Ahmadi said…
Hallo Narda how are you ? Ramadan Mubarak
At 8:28pm on August 25, 2009, Oliver Haack said…
I'm grateful to be your friend, too. Some weeks before he left, I had the chance to talk to Wael in person (he also lived in Düsseldorf, just like me). Hope he succeeds with all his plans.

I'm not one of the "editors" (if you mean moderators, rather). Guess we're all editors, as we contribute with blogs and discussions. I don't belong, however, to the moderation team, but a 'normal' member..
At 6:49pm on August 25, 2009, Oliver Haack said…
Hello Narda,

thanks for accepting my friend request.

I see that you're also engaged in the WiserEarth project and that you know Wael. I find his approaches very interesting and hope that one day they could be put into practice.

Looking forward to your contributions on mepeace.



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