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At 10:42am on November 25, 2009, Rashad said…
Dear friend,

Greetings from Hope Development Organization, Faisalabad, Pakistan
We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Faisalabad, Pakistan, and concerned about the violence spreading worldwide from our country. Please visit our website at We want to teach peace to our children and bring a better future to our country and thereby to the entire world. Please read about what we do and our vision; then consider how your organization and ours might partner toward this very important goal.
Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.
God bless you abundantly for your good work and commitment.
Regards, love and peace.

Rashad Javed.
Chairman: Hope development organization.
At 10:42am on August 18, 2009, fesalk411 said…
A True Story By Faisal Al-katib
I am a Palestinian Arab from Hizmeh, a village between Jerusalem and Ramallah. When I was 15 years old I fought against the Israeli Occupation in search of freedom. At that time I thought every Jewish person, whether soldier or citizen, man or woman, young or old, should be killed. I rejected the right for any Jew to live and every Jew was a target. I was just a kid, believe me, and I didn’t understand anything about politics or the Arab-Israeli conflict. I was arrested and sat in jail for 12 years. This was during the first intifada from 1987. At that time nobody talked about peace but only of violence. I matured during my time in jail. I started studying and reading books on politics, literature, poetry, and about the Madrid Conference.

It gave me hope to live in peace and dignity. I learned that violence only breeds violence and that peace is the only solution for the two nations, the only way for both to have a respectful and beautiful future. We live on the same land. We are neighbors. We drink the same water and both pray to a monotheistic God. We must live in peace on the basis of religion for God and land for everyone.
At 10:02am on August 18, 2009, fesalk411 said…
סיפור אמיתי
אני ערבי פלסטיני מהכפר חיזמה הנמצא בין ירושלים רמאללה
כשהייתי בגיל 15 נלחמתי נגד הכיבוש הישראלי
בשבל החופש הייתי חושיב כל אדם יהודי חייל או אזרח גבר או אישה קטן או גדול צריך לההרג
עד בא יום נסיתי לשלול לבן אדם את חיים שלו לא הייתי מכיר אתו היה בשביל יהודי וכל יהודי היא המטרה שלי להרוג
תאמינו לי הייתי רק ילד לא מבין כלום בפוליטיקה
או את הסכסוך הערבי הישראלי
בסוף נעצרתי לתקופה של 12 שנים
למדע כל זה קרה בשנת האינתיפאדה הראשונה 1987. באותו שלב. אף אחד לא מדבר על שלום
רק מדברים שני הצדדים רק על אלימות

התחלתי לגדול ואני בכלא התחלתי ללמוד לקרוא
ספרים על פוליטיקה. ספרות. שירה וסיפורים העולם.
השלום במדריד.
ועידת מדריד נתן לי תקווה החיים לחיות בשלןם
ובכבוד . למדתי כי אלימות תבי רק אלימות
והשלום הא הפתרון היחיד בין שני העמים למען עתיד יפה מכובד בין שני העמים
אנחנו חיים על אותה קרקע.אנחנו שכנים שותים מאותו המים מתפללים עבור אלוהים אחד
אנו צריכים לחיות בשלום על בסיס של הדת לאלוהים והאדמה לכלאם
פייסל אלחטיב
At 11:54pm on December 14, 2008, Cia Khakaura said…
Thanks for your participation on the recent forum regarding "Wafa". Although I have not written anything, I am following it closely. True dialogue is a challenge when people are filled with personal pain. It seems some venting should be allowed, but then we each need to take personal responsibility for returning to the state of inner peace. I see you are also a member of WICO. Deliah and I have been trying to connect via phone. I would like to help by traning women to be peaceful. :D Is it possible? It's worth a try.
Love and Light,
At 11:44am on November 7, 2008, Tony Robin Bulley said…

im did not mean you supported their abductiom , i meant about you said from our perspective meaning obviuosly am israel view on things as you put it , in that i said there is no perspective for abducting women .
I guess you took that as being yours though it is quite clear in your email you would have to voice israels view as we call it , which dooes not mean as such taht it was your view , i guess our english langauge is complecated as i have this problem all the time with people misintrepretating basic english , so no intention meant on my part to insinuate that you held the same view as the israel govt or the military .
So im not follow context of what you say but tahts okay for each one of us has freedom of speech how others wish to intrepretate what another says is up yo them , whatever love you cause for me i hate no one love Tony New Zealand
At 8:17am on November 7, 2008, Tony Robin Bulley said…
And yes i mean everyword i do not have enough tears to shed for all those children , nor will they wash away the blood , or ever bring them home to their beloved families , and i ask this ????? how can human beings hate so much
To Die For What
Tony Robin Bulley 4th October 2008 (c)

Oh peace where art though in my hour of pain
For I shall never see the dawning sun again
Nor shall I see my loved ones smiling face
Or walk the path that leads to my place
For here I lie dying in this desert sand
Of what purpose help me understand

Oh peace as my eyes grow dim of light
Tell me now for what reason did I fight
Was it for a better life to maybe gain?
As here my body lays blood in the drain
How I long peace for another day of life
To hold my sweetheart darling wife

Oh peace tell my children of this day
My life wasted no more for to say
That with you a better life will be
A world of peace hope prosperity
At 8:13am on November 7, 2008, Tony Robin Bulley said…
Princess there is no perspective to hate and war only thouandsof dead children
whoes lives have gone down the drain literally , hate breds hate which begats
nothing but losers all round , i do not take any side for neither side is right , however abducting women defies and crosses the lines of human decency no matter what your perspective maybe , neither side whether yours or theirs will endear your cause to anyone when children and innocent women are the centre of a few extremists amongst your societies, you are a woman you cannot condone the abduction of women for whatever reason , what are men any men who use women children for their own ends whatever they be , see this this is reality take a long hard look for this girl had a family she had a life she had a future now she has nothing

if you wish to send to send something send this to every person who carries a gun and points it at a child for only cowards and dogs shoot children

A Dying Childs Plea

Tony Robin Bulley 27th September 2008 (c)

Oh peace how I seek for your dawning day
Why did you leave me and go away
For I am scared no one hears my cry
Whilst on the street my brothers die
This is my question what have I done
As here now I lay dying in the sun
Oh peace where are you in my strife
My blood ebbing stolen in youth of life
Oh peace I feel so cold short of breath
Come hold me in my hour of death
Take me away from the soldier’s gun
No more I need to hide no place to run
I am dying my blood spilt in the sand
Peace come closer take hold my hand
For I am a child innocent without sin
Oh peace I feel you now close within
Never more all those I love to see
For death has come to set me free
Oh peace hear me my final prayer
Peace to all the nations everywhere
Oh peace I feel you so close now by
Hold me a child in your arms as I die
At 6:18pm on November 5, 2008, Peace_maker said…
if I was Jewish or Palestinian I would not have the city split up but as a whole all of us t o live together. be my choice.
At 6:14pm on November 5, 2008, Peace_maker said…
I agree that both sides has to agree and work together if peace can be presented to those from each side.... We need to know that it makes peace to solve things not keep in.. it also needs to have both sides and along with every one to work it out
At 8:45pm on October 19, 2008, Abed khalil said…
Dear IsraeliMom
i would like to thank u so much and of course i should be more than glad if u tell my human story to other friends hopefully my suffering will stop soon and we cane all stop talking about our suffering but mostly about our pleasure ,security and peace
hak sameeh for all Israeli friends
At 3:18pm on June 8, 2008, Abed khalil said…
Hi Israelimom
hope ur doing well just i went wish u happy shvaouat and all family members
At 2:06pm on May 30, 2008, Rob Schrama said…
The ‘Big Hug’ and the future of Jerusalem

The sting of all problems between Israeli and Palestinians lays in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her status has to be solved in such a way, that all parties fighting for control over her can agree upon.

On June 24, the ‘Big Hug’ will be hold in Jerusalem. Light workers from Israel, Palestine and from all over the world, ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’, will come together to bring warmth and energy to this city, embracing holding hands the Old City. If we bundle all our positive energies and bring these to Jerusalem, we can create peace to this exceptional place.

We are organizing the Big Hug to make the people aware –especially the Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem- that there is a very shaped perspective for the city of Jerusalem as a city of peace: a new, undivided Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine, Israel and at large.

Let go of the conflict concerning her command and dedicate the city to the Omnipresent. The Old City as a whole is His Temple. To give the walled Old City free to God, as a "Status Apart”, as an independent city, will be the most feasible way to come out the current impasse.

The Old City of Jerusalem must become an open city; a House of Prayer for all the Peoples. This perspective is written down in the Holy Books, this is the perspective we, as ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’ embrace as well as solution. But how many people does already notice this hopeful point of view?

What I saw in Jerusalem and also everywhere else where I meet Islamic and Jewish people is, that not so many persons really think about a future for Jerusalem. Most of the time, they stick with old ideas that the Old City of Jerusalem will always remain a part of Israel, or in opposite, that it will be absolutely a part of a new Palestinian state, as stolen land that has to be given back. With these visions, a future Jerusalem will be a divided city with an East Palestinian and West Israeli part, with barbed wire and checkpoints in between, like the situation of the city from 1948-1967. Or, coming closer to an agreement, people suggest -like proposed in the “Geneva Accord” in 2003- to make a complicated dividing of the Old City in a Israeli and Palestinian part. That will mean that the small alleys will be split by walls and barriers too. The idea that a future Jerusalem will become a divided city, is something that we have to prevent.

There are living about 250.000 Palestinian and 500.000 Israeli rather close together in one city. Do they want to make a separation of Jerusalem in parts or do they choose, deep in their hearts, for unity? So my best friends, it is our task to inform the whole city that there is an alternative for the Jerusalem of today.

All lovers of a united Jerusalem will come together to encircle and embrace the Old City of Jerusalem with love and devotion. We have to encourage all inhabitants of Jerusalem to join the coming Big Hug, with the idea of a New Jerusalem that might be realized with their support.

Rob Schrama Phone:0031-646608660
At 10:01am on May 27, 2008, Abed khalil said…
Dear israelimom
oky we will be in touch ,please if ucane forwaed this human pitition to colleaguen please do that for needy people.
good day
At 4:06pm on May 26, 2008, Abed khalil said…
Dear israelimom
i can ship oil till TEL BUOT in jerusalem .i have friend there stored oil so the other israeli friend com and take it
in ur case just tell me where u live so i can ask my friend if he can deliver the oil to u or may he suggested any ideas, or u may call me
yes i still non smocking and don,t think that i will return any mor be in touch
be well modam
At 12:12pm on May 26, 2008, Abed khalil said…
Hi Israeli mom,s
please i turning to u and all israeli peace activist friends to extend there hands to help in following human call,

המצב הכלכלי הקשה בגדה המערבית מקשה על האוכלוסייה הפלשתינאית ופוגע באיכות חייהם.

המחסומים בתוך הגדה המערבית, בין הכפרים והערים הפלשתינאיות, מחריפים את הקשיים הללו ופוגעים ביכולת לנוע ממקום למקום, ביכולת לקבל שירותי בריאות, ללמוד באוניברסיטה וללכת לעבודה. השכבות החלשות בחברה הפלשתינאית הן הנפגעות הגדולות ביותר, ביניהן פאלחים עניים אשר מתקיימים מחקלאות בצל הכיבוש אשר מפקיע את אדמותיהם והמתנחלים אשר עוקרים את עצי הזית.

פעיל שלום וזכויות נשים פלשתינאי בשם עבאד מארגן משלוחי שמן זית המיוצרים ע'י משפחות פלשתינאיות במצוקה לישראל דרך ירושלים במחיר של 35 ₪ לליטר.

ניתן ליצור עימו קשר ב- או 059-9798319

או ב-

אבי ברג
At 10:22pm on May 22, 2008, Benjamin Orbach said…
Hi, thanks for the invite. I drove by Pardes a couple of weeks ago. Next time I'll let you know.
At 2:51am on May 21, 2008, Fawaz said…
Dear Israeli Mom,
thank you very much for contacting me,well yes this is my photo,i mean the one which is only a facephoto near to the sea,but the other one is about the Tsahal soldiers and their victim is not mine,but it was in my city,and this is a rediculus photo of how some humans can do,so i dont know how these people when they finish thier military service will have such a record for the life (for me it will stay always as a nightmare)...Telling about my story is not easy and it is the same as thousands of Palestinians children who were a victims of the first and the second Intifada, i'am a part of these children who been underage in prison and been turtured for a stupid reasons,who been violated psychologicaly and physical toward my parents,friends,people and justice,i'am a victim that suffering still on my body forever, and so many stories,i'am also a victim that in my hometown i couldnot move,walk,play,study,or any other thing,because settlers became the rolers of my hometown.unfortunately this is a part of the reality of how suffering still,i respect the Shhcwa(Holocaust)but i would like to say that every day in this world we have a new Holocaust,and in the West Bank and Gaza there is a Holocaust now playes bye some people who know what it means the suffering and turture !!i'am sorry to wright you these,and i would like to say that i been strong to believe and to love living in peace ,because i believe of the diversity and exchanging ,specially with people who we have a problem,because i believe of facing the reality and not go far away...
well very happy again to hear you and wish that you like my photo ??you have a very beautiful children??whts their names,do you know that i adore childhood?if you are coming to Italy,you are welcome,i have hosted several times,different friends
At 9:29am on May 20, 2008, khaled Kasab Mahameed said…
thank you
we develope our work too in a very "agrissive" promotion strategy.
Holocaust exhibitions in different palestinian refugee camps with a discution every two weeks
At 9:17pm on May 18, 2008, Nissim Dahan said…
Thank you for your kind comment. I do hope you visit my website at You are welcome to register and to comment wherever you wish.

The website talks a lot about theory, but I'm in the process of trying to make something happen on the ground, along the lines of my latest post, A Recipe for Peace Pie. I acutally have some of the ingredients, but putting it all together is a bit more challenging than one might think. I would welcome your advice and prticipation. I need all the help I can get.

Nice talking to you,

At 6:40pm on May 17, 2008, Saeed Az. said…

You have interesting story in your blog. It is easy to read and attractive...

You are welcome..



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