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At 1:40pm on May 22, 2011, Eva said…

Is nice that you found me Naomi. Thank you for your kind invitation.

Vietnam Yes, we are probably the same generation.

And now Afganisthan !

Do we want see the fruits after the death of Bin Laden.

Kindest regards from Switzerland,

always Peace,



At 6:01pm on August 17, 2010, Annette Allen said…
Naomi, good to connect. The provision of fresh water and sanitation is a huge issue in the world right now. Even in LA, there are problems because of droughts, and the amount that Americans are drawing from the Nevada lakes. Here in Britain, the north west has hose pipe bans and water shortages as they've had 1/3 of the rainfall they should have had this year (as bad as 1929, apparently.) This is in a country where 25 degrees is the normal 'high' temperature in summer!

It saddens me when I hear that Israeli settlements have diverted water sources so they have plentiful supplies (and greeen lawns) when the Palestinians have so little. This all relates to UN Millennium Development Goal #7 - environmental sustainability. Last year, they agreed that clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right.
At 5:20am on August 17, 2010, Nissim Dahan said…
Naomi, It's always a pleasure to make a new friend. Let's keep in touch and work together to push the peace process forward.
At 4:31am on August 16, 2010, Annette Allen said…
Hi Naomi, I think we are of a similar generation, judging by the protests! I abandoned ego (division, judging) thinking back in 2002, to follow my dreams and become the authentic me. Yes, I've been to the US, visited NY three times - most recently Sep 09. Brits and Yanks are very similar in thinking - we've been taught all about competition and winner takes all. It's sad, although I agree your media is very tunnel vision. I have greave concern about our new government, as public sector budgets are being slashed - those that help communities and more vulnerable people. It's sick.

I decided on this journey that I love ordinary people far more than I love governments/status/control. Publishing journey's been interesting, just praying I attract the right agent for the second book, which is about the sacred feminine journey. And finally, apart from peace, the provision of clean water and sanitation is so fundamental to human life and girls education it's a big mission for me. Every blessing!
At 6:37am on September 17, 2009, Naomi Marcus said…
I' guess by now everyone is aware of the findings of the UN Human Rights Commission on the war in Gaza last year. It's very upsetting to me, but I guess for you Gazans, the upset has been a constant condition. Here is the NY Times article:.
At 1:35pm on July 12, 2009, Hayyim Feldman said…
Shalom aleichem Naomi!
I've recently been getting a little bit back into mepeace after a long absence. I also came of age politically in the anti-Vietnam-War movement. Nice to have you here.
Please see my reply to you (and to Luc's response to you) here.
At 6:07pm on June 26, 2009, Mahmoud Abu-Laban said…

Hello Naomi !

Welcome to I hope that you will make a constructive and active and consistently ethical contribution to this community.

Peace, Salaam and Shalom.



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