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At 8:11am on February 1, 2010, harry deloria handenero said…
hello friend mugaruka , nice to meet you here,i hope that we will friend and meet i'ts other here in my place or in your place,and thanks to be your friend,your bless friend cause you are one of the peacemaker in the world that can share your peacemind to others that need peace.more power to you and good luck to you hope to see you soon me god bless you and your family circle too..friend your welcome here in my place whom i'll stay for your vacation you can see the beauty of the philippines island.
At 1:06am on August 6, 2009, Paul RETI said…
Is the information, go to
enough for you or do you need other help?
At 11:11am on August 4, 2009, Eyal Raviv said…
Yes, should help.
At 5:05pm on August 3, 2009, Oliver Haack said…
As to the building of your own social network:
As far as I know, this network was built on 'ning'. You could build your own social network with ning.

Hope this information is of some use to you..
At 4:59pm on August 3, 2009, Oliver Haack said…
Hello Gabriel,

nice to meet you here and thanks for your comment. Although the conflict(s) in the Congo are a bit different from the Middle East conflict, peace is of course our overwhelming goal. I'm interested in your work in the DRC. Are you also at the Peace and Collaborative Development Network?
At 12:28pm on December 4, 2008, Frizzey Greif said…

This world needs more Love,
& tolerance
- don´t miss my crazy world - welcome in the globe of peace.
At 12:01am on September 29, 2008, DORON MASHIACH said…
and you
At 7:11am on September 10, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
Hi again,
Maybe look at:
The director just joined mepeace.
At 2:29am on August 29, 2008, Hayyim Feldman said…
Shalom-salaam Mugaruka,
Thank you for your friendly greeting, and also for your 10 wise recommendations.
I hope you will share stories with us of peacemaking in your own country and region for us to learn from. You have already taught me something, because I had never heard of South Kivu before, so I did a quick web search. I am so sorry to hear about what is happening there. Please don't hesitate to bring it up here when you think it's relevant to our discussions.
Is Maimona your family name? You may know, Maimon is a very famous and important name in Jewish history.
At 1:41am on August 29, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
I think you have to go into the 'my photos' section of your
"my settings" area.
Try adding the photos there.
At 12:32am on August 29, 2008, Yigal D. Kahana said…
What an adorable baby!!!

I'm not sure about the photos thing.
On my page there is an "add photos" button that opens up a whole
menu of photos, and lets me add files from my computer.
I don't know why yours are coming out like that.
Good luck,
At 12:22am on August 29, 2008, Jasmine Matthews said…
thank you for the greeting Mugaruka. i admire your sincerity and efforts for peace in your country and wish you luck also.
At 7:44am on August 28, 2008, Mugaruka Maimona said…
This beby, grown in peace that is why he look like a peace,
Wonderfull name of Jesus,
Peace come to God, peace is Jesus, we look for peace in Africa, in the world, Palestinian and Israel, want peace to day.

Peace, Amani, Amahoro, Ashanti, Paix, Pace, O'murhula, Boboto...

Brother in Christ,
At 8:09am on August 24, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Thank you for 10 ACTIONS FOR PEACE IN 2008
At 8:01am on August 24, 2008, Mugaruka Maimona said…
Here is a list of 10 possible recommendations to help make the world more peaceful and encourage others to contribute their own lists. This is no particular order.

1) Examine how to create more peace in your personal life -
If we do not have some degree of peace in our own internal lives, there is the question of how effective we can be in helping to build peace in our organizations, communities, societies and the world. There is no recipe for building peace, but there are many options that people have explored such as writing, reflecting, building community and more.

2) Share your experiences and frustrations around conflict -
Open resource where people can share both their success stories of helping to address conflicts around the world, and also ask questions/inquiry about ways to improve practice. If you have a particular success story, please share it with others.

3) Support Organizations working to effect change in the world - There are thousands of dynamic organizations around the world working to address conflict, build community, foster economic development and more. There are many ways you can support organizations such as contributing financially, volunteering, and more. I do not want to endorse specific organizations, but some resources that can be helpful in identifying opportunities include the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Interaction, GuideStar, among others.

4) Advocate for Preventing and Ending Conflicts -
One of the challenges in conflict prevention is that often policymakers, NGO professionals, academics and others may have information about the potentially negative direction of conflicts. However, translating this information to effective policy changes often requires extensive advocacy campaigns by individuals, NGOs, religious groups and the larger civil society. Advocacy can mean anything from writing a legislature, talking with policymakers, taking direct action and more. For some useful examples of Advocacy Approaches see the International Crisis Group, Women Thrive Worldwide and the Genocide Intervention Network.

5) Mainstream a Conflict Sensitive Approach into your organization/company -
Many organizations and companies around the world are beginning to look at how they can integrate a conflict sensitive approach (see the work of International Alert) throughout their external and internal operations. This means examining how an organization's internal hiring, procurement and other policies, as well as the external interactions and services can help to potentially reduce conflicts.

6) Get Additional Training -
There are many different paths to pursuing a career in international conflict and related fields. If you feel like you might benefit from additional training there are many academic options, professional training programs, summer institutes and more that can help provide additional training and skills.

7) Join an Existing Network -
There are many academic and professional networking organizations that exist around the world that focus on conflict related issues. In the United States, the Association for Conflict Resolution is a network of practitioners, the Alliance for Peacebuilding is a network of organizations, the Peace and Justice Studies Association is a network of academics and activists, the International Conflict Management Association has an annual conference.

8) Engage in Productive Dialogue with Others -
One of the keys of addressing conflicts is building understanding and connections between people with diverse perspectives. There are many organizations working on facilitating and engaging communities in dialogue, conversation and discussion. Find an organization in your community, or start your own process. Some great resources in this area include the Public Conversations Project , the Kettering Foundation, and the World Cafe.

9) Foster Sustainable Economic Development -
One of the key ingredients in building peace in post-conflict societies is to help create sustainable economic opportunities for communities. This can be done through a variety of means, international development, social entreprenuership, socially responsible investing, lobbying for changes to foreign assistance programs and more.

10) Please feel free to add your own suggestions and lists for a more peaceful 2008.

Best Regards.
Gabriel Mugaruka.
At 4:40am on July 19, 2008, Eveline Maria Smith said…
Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I appreciate your kind words and well wishes. Welcome to Me Peace I look forward with blessings of all things good always in always, Eveline
At 5:31pm on July 10, 2008, Ami Nahshon said…
Nice to meet you too! Good luck with your work.

At 2:14pm on July 10, 2008, eileen fleming said…
Hi MM,
thanks for being a friend!
all good 2 U,
At 1:48am on July 10, 2008, ♥World~Unity~Angel♥ said…
hi mugaruka,
thanks for your friends request and our connection.
keep in peaceful touch, my friend :-)
At 7:00pm on July 6, 2008, Stephanie Chase said…
Hi Mugaruka!
Nice to meet you! :)
Where do you plan to do a Masters?
I would love to sponser you! If I can help anyone I will!
So you are from West Congo? Are people from West Congo unable to go to school in East Congo? If you could please educate me about the situation, that would be great!
Take Care,
Stephanie :)


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