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At 4:00pm on December 24, 2008, Maria said…
Thanks christine,
lol I just got bored from wearing the same T-shirt, also winter term came and now the other T-shirt is cold as well as it started to smell. I have been wearing it for more than three months :P
just joking :D
how are you? so you still use this website. I come here only when I finish exams.
Now I finished the fall term and getting ready for the winter term which starts on January 5th

nice to see you again
At 11:40pm on December 14, 2008, Cia Khakaura said…
Hi Christine, I have been following the "Wafa" discussion and want to commend you on your last post: Levelheaded, concise and a generous tone. I founded Women of Peace years ago, which became defunct after I resigned. I am starting another group, People of Peace in the next few months. In the meantime I am in contact with Deliah Steiner from WICO (see groups) or Would you be interested in becoming more involved? I would love to hear your story.
Love and Light,
At 12:23pm on December 4, 2008, Frizzey Greif said…

This world needs more Love,
& tolerance
- don´t miss my crazy world - welcome in the globe of peace.
At 12:26am on December 4, 2008, Stewart Mills said…
Thanks so much for your reflection on Gunns and the proposed pulp mill.

Much appreciated!!
At 12:31pm on December 2, 2008, Stewart Mills said…
Hi Christine,

Thank you for your contributions. It is good having someone from Tassie on the site. Keep up the good work. Take a break from time to time and come back fresh to help present alternate ways we can be humanity together.

On an unrelated issue I am looking into the Gunns and Pulp Mill debate. What are your thoughts?
At 9:22am on November 29, 2008, Stephanie Chase said…
Hi Christine!
I feel that mepeace has been a good oppurtunity for me to explore new view points, along with trying to figure out where I stand. There is so much that I need to know, and I am really interested in learning more about the situation, along with conflict in a nutshell. I am currently studying psychology, and am thinking after college of either going into social work or doing something with mediation.
I am really interested in how you ended up in Tasmania. Did you grow up there? Also, I want to know, has there been peace and reconciliation between the Aborigonees and the Australians of European descent?
Reconciliation is a beautiful thing.
Take Care
Stephanie :)
At 6:29pm on November 23, 2008, Rivka said…
Hi Christine. Thanks for your response. I don't believe your description of yourself much and am still intrigued. I'm also weighing up the value, or absence of, of my particpation. Message if you ever have the inclination and bandwidth to chat on skype. Take care and watch out for those garden gnomes!
At 3:43am on November 22, 2008, Pamela Struss said…
I look forward to dialoguing with you and hearing your valuable prospective!
At 12:47am on November 22, 2008, Frizzey Greif said…
Hello Christine

have a nice weekend

At 4:22pm on November 21, 2008, Pamela Struss said…
I cannot see your comment...please send it again...
At 11:58am on November 18, 2008, Rivka said…
Hi Christine! Nice to see you online.
At 1:17am on November 14, 2008, Frizzey Greif said…

Thanks for the friendship

all together

we can change

the world

Love & Light

At 12:22pm on November 7, 2008, Tony Robin Bulley said…

This my main website Christine i have an interest on many fronts not just the middle east , however my interest as a poet author is not limited to one field of battle or disposed nation of people after all you and i live in countries that do not belong to white man at all , some time reflections opn where we are make us realize we cannot stand around and do nothing

i think my poems speak for themselbes here im an activist for self determination of the Maori

At 6:49am on November 3, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Impressed by what Christine? i am just trying to be consistent. And that can be trying. When subtlety does not seem to work, I use a sledge hammer. :-)
At 10:08am on October 19, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Thanks for the complement. :-)
At 10:26am on October 5, 2008, Mazin Qumsiyeh said…

You asked about why the two state solution is not possible and asked that I reply briefly. It is hard to do so briefly but I would say there are two key issues:
- Racism and concepts of segregation and separation along religious or other lines are doomed to failure (history shows this) because they only perpetrate hatred and violence
- The area is inseparable for reasons of demography (e.g. 1.5 million Palestinian citizens inside the green line, refugees etc), environment, natural resources, and basic economics.
At 2:31pm on September 24, 2008, Rivka said…
Hi Christine. Thanks for the welcome! I still want to have a chat with you sometime.
At 5:57am on August 31, 2008, Max S said…
On a general point, I do not have a problem with flag waving. It really depends on the reasons people do it. I had the Welsh Flag as my profile for the past month or so simple for a bit of self-expression as well as enjoying the times when people asked me why I was a dragon. Tell me, would you have asked me your question if I had the Palestinian flag as my profile? I shall be putting that up later. Then another one and another and after that a photograph of Biggles.
At 5:41am on August 31, 2008, Max S said…
Christine there was a time when it was illegal to fly the Welsh flag. Members of my family were made to where placks as children which said 'I must not speak Welsh'. There was a policy to destroy my cultural background. Are you aware of this? What about Aberfan do you know about that?

How would I feel if I was not allowed to fly the Welsh flag? How do you think I would feel? I think you know the answer to that. For that matter why are you asking me the question? As for being confronted with Union Jacks I have no problem. I consider myself to be Welsh AND British. I do not buy into narrow minded ideas about identity. I consider myself to be European as well.

Where is there a law against flying the Palestinian flag? Israel? I don't know. If you are certain send me a link I would be interested to read it. Do you know when this law was past? I find it hard to believe that it is in fitting with Israel's basic laws but I have no doubt that some moron in the Knesset has called for it. They call for most things don't they? Some would ban Amos Oz ans Meir Ariel if they had there way. There are stupid people everywhere - you can't escape them. Nonetheless, tell me more about this law. It is particularly interesting if you think of Golda Meir's famous saying.
At 2:31pm on August 29, 2008, Neri Bar-On said…
Dear Cheristine

If all lives are equal, then Gilad Shalit, who was a soldier, should not be considered any more special than the many adolescent civilian Palestinians who are held without proper legal process, sometimes for many years.


So do you support Gilad Shalit as a punishment for Israel or personal punishment for being a solder? Do you know if he been visited by anyone?

Do you believe that Gilad Shalit deserve same fate as Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev - abducted by Hizbullah on July 12, 2006 - were on July 16, 2008 coffins containing the remains of them returned to Israel.Wednesday,

Is this the equality you wish, If Hamas will kill Gilad Shalit would you justify killing a Palestinian prisoner who did terror attack.

Hamas humanity is evaluated as themselves and not as relative to Israel.


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