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At 8:21pm on July 30, 2014, Jacques Banne said…

I am the founder and the organizer of : Iartexpo art as a bridge for peace, International art expo and exhibit,
a non profit organization,
to help Israelis and Palestinians artists, to exhibit together to dialogue together.. Here in Israel.
and (hope) in Ramallah

Please visit:

Face book page iartexpo2012 art as a bridge for peace
I hope you like the idea.
We are starving for aid and help, most the time I work alone.
We are helped by our volunteers.
We need resources.
We seek for Sponsors to help us realize our project.

Please help me realize this dream.
Jacques Banne

At 11:34am on August 19, 2012, doma jovita said…

Hello cecilia is my name i was moved to write you for a heart2heart discussion when i came across your If u dont mind,write me directly with this mail ID, ( will send u my photo.

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At 1:52pm on March 30, 2010, Hagay said…

At 11:34pm on December 31, 2008, Hiba said…
Hi Amr,

I read in your page that you want to meet with Eyal and some others, we are having a peace cafe on the 2nd of January 2009, Friday, and you are welcome to join us, in case you decided to come please send me an e-mail to



More details about the event are on the site.
At 7:06pm on September 23, 2008, Maria Westerlund said…
Lovely hopeful picture :)
At 4:40pm on August 15, 2008, Palestine said…
~When you love a Palestinian Woman~

When you love a Palestinian woman,
the essence of resistance seeps into your existence;
you comprehend
the meaning of persistence.

In her eyes you may see
residues of a tear,
but never a sign of fear.

When you love a Palestinian woman,
your heart is tuned
to the beat of a heart
that can never forget.

When you love a Palestinian woman
you love every wave
that kisses the shores of her land,
every olive tree in Galilee,
every particle of salt
in the Dead Sea.

When you love a Palestinian woman,
you love a smile
mysteriously mixed with pain unknown to others;
and a laugh that was choked
when the land was separated from its faithful lovers.

When you love a Palestinian woman
you love a spirit
that inherited the will to stand,
and eyes
that terrify guards at check-points,
in a way no man can.

How can any man love
but a Palestinian woman?

By (((( Bouthina Samman Martha ))))
At 11:47am on August 7, 2008, JC | WorriedLebanese said…
اه ،انا لبناني
The work you do seems very interesting. Clowns can be very helpful in mixed educational and recreational activities. I work in "Peace and diversity workshops", have you worked in such workshops?
At 6:27pm on August 4, 2008, Bassam said…
Hey there!
I'm studying at An-Najah National University, but currently spending my summer in the United States.
How are you doing in your life? What do you do usually?
At 2:41pm on August 3, 2008, Hiba said…
Thank you Amr, all we can hope for is that there will be a day comes where we will find no more checkpoints in our way.

I will be happy to welcome you in Hebron anytime you want.

Nice to meet you and keep in touch.

At 10:51am on August 3, 2008, Noa D said…
Hi Amr, how are you? good to see you here on mepeace. We needed a clown :-) . You are invited to our peace cafe in Beit Jalla on August 22nd. Here are the details:

Enjoy the website,
At 6:02pm on August 2, 2008, Paul RETI said…
Thanks Amr. I may work out what I want to be when I really grow up :-)

Money can be useful. The other things though are more important.
At 2:25pm on August 2, 2008, Yanina said…
Hi Amr,

thanks :) it has no meaning. I'm from Ukraininan origin, but it's not a russian/ukrainina name. There's a city in Greece called the same name.. but this is all I know :)

What about yours?

I'm also a memeber in OneVoice movement. What activities OVP run? What else r u involved in?

Nice to meet you
At 11:06am on July 31, 2008, Sela said…
I was for a week visit 4 weeks ago, not sure when I come again or did you mean when I come back for good?
At 5:53pm on July 30, 2008, Neri Bar-On said…
Dear Amr,

The structure of such events is easy and onevoice people can create such event under their banner too and share the results on as the invitation is open this activity can support all organizations and network.

see you.
At 12:35pm on July 30, 2008, JC | WorriedLebanese said…
Hi Amr,
r u a really a clown or do u just joke a lot? :-)
At 6:44pm on July 29, 2008, Neri Bar-On said…
Dear Amr,

The guys that produce the events plan an open event and we see all welcome. We have restricted space so please ask the people who can attend and plan to attend to list themselves. just make sure to tell them that you are coming from onevoice.
At 4:42pm on July 23, 2008, Palestine said…
hello guys,
whats new? anything going to do on the ground?
At 10:29pm on May 30, 2008, Rob Schrama said…
The ‘Big Hug’ and the future of Jerusalem

The sting of all problems between Israeli and Palestinians lays in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her status has to be solved in such a way, that all parties fighting for control over her can agree upon.

On June 24, the ‘Big Hug’ will be hold in Jerusalem. Light workers from Israel, Palestine and from all over the world, ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’, will come together to bring warmth and energy to this city, embracing holding hands the Old City. If we bundle all our positive energies and bring these to Jerusalem, we can create peace to this exceptional place.

We are organizing the Big Hug to make the people aware –especially the Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem- that there is a very shaped perspective for the city of Jerusalem as a city of peace: a new, undivided Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine, Israel and at large.

Let go of the conflict concerning her command and dedicate the city to the Omnipresent. The Old City as a whole is His Temple. To give the walled Old City free to God, as a "Status Apart”, as an independent city, will be the most feasible way to come out the current impasse.

The Old City of Jerusalem must become an open city; a House of Prayer for all the Peoples. This perspective is written down in the Holy Books, this is the perspective we, as ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’ embrace as well as solution. But how many people does already notice this hopeful point of view?

What I saw in Jerusalem and also everywhere else where I meet Islamic and Jewish people is, that not so many persons really think about a future for Jerusalem. Most of the time, they stick with old ideas that the Old City of Jerusalem will always remain a part of Israel, or in opposite, that it will be absolutely a part of a new Palestinian state, as stolen land that has to be given back. With these visions, a future Jerusalem will be a divided city with an East Palestinian and West Israeli part, with barbed wire and checkpoints in between, like the situation of the city from 1948-1967. Or, coming closer to an agreement, people suggest -like proposed in the “Geneva Accord” in 2003- to make a complicated dividing of the Old City in a Israeli and Palestinian part. That will mean that the small alleys will be split by walls and barriers too. The idea that a future Jerusalem will become a divided city, is something that we have to prevent.

There are living about 250.000 Palestinian and 500.000 Israeli rather close together in one city. Do they want to make a separation of Jerusalem in parts or do they choose, deep in their hearts, for unity? So my best friends, it is our task to inform the whole city that there is an alternative for the Jerusalem of today.

All lovers of a united Jerusalem will come together to encircle and embrace the Old City of Jerusalem with love and devotion. We have to encourage all inhabitants of Jerusalem to join the coming Big Hug, with the idea of a New Jerusalem that might be realized with their support.

Rob Schrama Phone:0031-646608660
At 5:38pm on April 28, 2008, Corey Gil-Shuster said…
Yes, I am active in OneVoice here in Ottawa Canada. We work with the Arab and Jewish students in the universities here and try to bring the two communities together to create understanding- sometimes not easy to do.

Neve Shalom is a great place. My partner and I actually wanted to rent a house there but it didn't work out.

What do you study?
At 6:34pm on April 20, 2008, arik shapira said…
hi amer
how are you?
are you still studying in Jordan?


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