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"An Aliens Perspective"

Started this discussion. Last reply by Michael Goebel Aug 19, 2007. 4 Replies


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if you just
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THE MESSAGE Love is the answer to all questions. Love is the solution to all problems. It is the Light that shines from Heaven and illuminates the path of the Holy. It is the only thing worth living for and the only thing worth dying for. It is the very substance of God and all creatures have their life within it. It is the attraction between the Sun and the Moon, the male and the female, the electron and the proton, matter and spirit, the Light and the Dark. Love is the most potent form of energy in the Universe. It is sufficient unto itself - it delights in its own Presence. Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly Love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this. Love is a decision, not an emotion - a decision to choose Love over fear in any given moment. It is more intelligent than Wisdom, it is more attractive than Beauty. It is warmer than Kindness and more powerful than death. Love is watchful and sleeping, slumbereth not, though weary, it is not tired, though pressed, it is not straitened ,though alarmed, it is not confounded. Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength and pleads no excuse of impossibility It is a strange, sweet secret between man and God that can never be spoken for no human language contains the words to describe it. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. But it is much more than even that... It is all. It is all we need. It is all we need to remember. All the Universe has come from Love and unto Love shall it return. Work with all your Heart, all your Mind and all your Soul and all the gifts of Heaven shall be thine. For obedience in the Laws of Love fulfill all lesser laws. The first sign of the awakening of Love in one's heart is the most intense desire to give all of what one can for the benefit of others. We waste time looking for the perfect lover when we could be creating the Perfect Love. Let us not wait, hoping we will go to Heaven, but make it here on Earth, the way God intended.. Love cannot go where the Heart will not follow. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. They are our friends. Thank You for making our wish come true In Love, Peace and Joy and Gratitude, With Infinite Gratitude, All of Us

Welcome Dear Friend

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My personal story:
Where would I begin ?
Why I want peace:
War is really not necessary
If a country needs to be destroyed to stimulate some economy, then that economy if defective and should be overhauled.
Besides, with the money we have spent and the resources and time we have wasted making war, we could have done a LOT to fix the world's problems.
A Trillion dollars ?!?!?! - That's enough money to get GOD a sex-change!
I call for those in positions of power to be held accountable for these wastages and crimes against humanity.
Interests and activities:
I want to make something happen that will be of enormous contribution to the world.
Something you didn't know about me:
I probably think way too much and act way too little
How I found
I just received a wonderful invite!
What I want to achieve here:
Unity, connection, resonance, relationships.
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My friends, I need your help!

Posted on April 20, 2010 at 4:29am 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I write this letter to you in the hope that you will read and it and let it\'s words sink deep into your heart:

We NEED to find SOMEONE out there who can help out a friend with $10 a month and some long-distance healing.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to to hear that Please Help Missing Children (PHMC, is in danger of not being able to continue operations. Furthermore, the site creator, is suffering some severe…



Posted on April 18, 2010 at 9:56am 1 Comment

For the last three weeks or so I have been asking the universe for the answer to these questions:

What is it that we struggle with SO much ?…


Regarding this latest news from Ning

Posted on April 17, 2010 at 5:03am 1 Comment

No doubt, many of you have already heard about Nings latest executive decision to phase out their free networks.…


Love Is The Answer

Posted on August 11, 2009 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

If you have sought long and hard for that which is truly *worth* serving, then you will have likely come to the understanding that Love is the Supreme Being - the Creator of all things. The Mastery of Life requires a sincere, complete and total belief in LOVE as being the answer to all questions and the solution to all problems - the only "rational act".

Our world appears different to each of us. A homeless man may view the world as unfair, ungrateful, hard and tough and the people… Continue

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At 11:31am on August 19, 2012, doma jovita said…

Hello cecilia is my name i was moved to write you for a heart2heart discussion when i came across your If u dont mind,write me directly with this mail ID, ( will send u my photo.

__88888Y'__`Y8b.____`_ __?___.d8Y'__`Y88888
___`888__Y88Y____? b_()_d?___Y88Y__888?
____888b___"' _______(.)_______"'__.d888
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________.!__.8'_. db_.d..':'..b._db._'8.__!.
_______:888888888Y'______' Y888888888:
_________'8Y__`" Y__________Y"?__Y8'

At 10:44am on February 13, 2010, harry deloria handenero said…
thank you micheal for accepting me as new friend here in i hope someday i can travel your place,,,hope you to see you soon here ,,friend i know that the time will god bless you with your family too..
At 6:52am on August 24, 2009, Stephanie Chase said…
Hi Michael!
I really agree with you that love is the answer.
It is always great when we learn to love all people and show compassion.

I have learned to never go to the level of the agressor's, opressor's or the person that only spews negative things (whether complaining or saying put down to others).

I also like how you have a cat in your picture-- I am a cat lover! :)

Nice to meet you

Stephanie :)
At 10:28pm on May 30, 2008, Rob Schrama said…
The ‘Big Hug’ and the future of Jerusalem

The sting of all problems between Israeli and Palestinians lays in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her status has to be solved in such a way, that all parties fighting for control over her can agree upon.

On June 24, the ‘Big Hug’ will be hold in Jerusalem. Light workers from Israel, Palestine and from all over the world, ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’, will come together to bring warmth and energy to this city, embracing holding hands the Old City. If we bundle all our positive energies and bring these to Jerusalem, we can create peace to this exceptional place.

We are organizing the Big Hug to make the people aware –especially the Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem- that there is a very shaped perspective for the city of Jerusalem as a city of peace: a new, undivided Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine, Israel and at large.

Let go of the conflict concerning her command and dedicate the city to the Omnipresent. The Old City as a whole is His Temple. To give the walled Old City free to God, as a "Status Apart”, as an independent city, will be the most feasible way to come out the current impasse.

The Old City of Jerusalem must become an open city; a House of Prayer for all the Peoples. This perspective is written down in the Holy Books, this is the perspective we, as ‘Lovers of Jerusalem’ embrace as well as solution. But how many people does already notice this hopeful point of view?

What I saw in Jerusalem and also everywhere else where I meet Islamic and Jewish people is, that not so many persons really think about a future for Jerusalem. Most of the time, they stick with old ideas that the Old City of Jerusalem will always remain a part of Israel, or in opposite, that it will be absolutely a part of a new Palestinian state, as stolen land that has to be given back. With these visions, a future Jerusalem will be a divided city with an East Palestinian and West Israeli part, with barbed wire and checkpoints in between, like the situation of the city from 1948-1967. Or, coming closer to an agreement, people suggest -like proposed in the “Geneva Accord” in 2003- to make a complicated dividing of the Old City in a Israeli and Palestinian part. That will mean that the small alleys will be split by walls and barriers too. The idea that a future Jerusalem will become a divided city, is something that we have to prevent.

There are living about 250.000 Palestinian and 500.000 Israeli rather close together in one city. Do they want to make a separation of Jerusalem in parts or do they choose, deep in their hearts, for unity? So my best friends, it is our task to inform the whole city that there is an alternative for the Jerusalem of today.

All lovers of a united Jerusalem will come together to encircle and embrace the Old City of Jerusalem with love and devotion. We have to encourage all inhabitants of Jerusalem to join the coming Big Hug, with the idea of a New Jerusalem that might be realized with their support.

Rob Schrama Phone:0031-646608660
At 9:59pm on August 18, 2007, Cas said…
Michael, what a beautiful comment you made. Why is it so many of us talk of peace, yet so many others are talking war?
Namaste my friend we have alot of work ahead of us! I need to make this a safe univese, asI am expecting my first grand child Decemebr 26!
At 11:05am on August 15, 2007, Lemuel Melamed said…
................ ~ ~ / .............
.............( @ @ /) ............
I am happy that you are part of mepeace.
I love that we can communicate !
So much is possible here
At 10:43am on August 9, 2007, Michael Goebel said…
Greetings Eyal and Thank You :-)

Let the CoCreation begin !

Lord, make me a weapon of Peace ;-)
At 9:02am on August 9, 2007, Eyal Raviv said…
Hello Michael, and welcome! I look forward to your contributions.
Eyal :-)
At 2:58am on August 9, 2007, Michael Goebel said…
Thankyou Lemuel :-)
I am glad to be here and look forward to contributing!
At 2:46am on August 9, 2007, Lemuel Melamed said…
hello! wellcome to mepeace!


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