Orthodox Jewish Leader in Israel Endorses Obama as candidate for Middle East Peace

Amazing and inspiring footage from one of the most important sites in the Holy Land!

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Comment by windsfeather on October 30, 2008 at 11:31pm
Barack Obama will be hired by we the people for the people by the people and even if we choose not to hire him then we should understand one fundamental ideal. Change within Palestine and Israel for the greater good of the middle east will not come by one mans omission to lead but rather by a group of committed groups within the varied governments from around the world.

To wait for something to happen is to wait for nothing to happen. In effect something will happen but not as it has been is spoken.

Peace can not be achived by one man alone. Obama will focus on the United States and within its borders first and foremost.

We can not wait for elected officials to be elected to wait for their structure or topic sentences to become law. That is not realistic. The formula of the peace process is started the answer to the problem you seek is within the problem itself. It is at the very foundation of which you stand. The answer to what you seek is in the hand within your prayer. look to the sun and follow the light and with good will follow good.

We have been warned not to speak of the prophacy. To acknowledge this will in right be a downfall. Don't waste your pearls look within the goodness of your life and if you seek change it must come within you first. I will note one thing those who speak negatively, those who speak of darkness and bring you feeling down and say things that make your life seem dismal they are not of God and if you walk in the light of Allah I ask of you to look to the good and bring this as the forefront model of peace. It will be achieved. Change equates to not getting what you want and bringing the ideal of your hopes and dreams to a reality you may not want to face. I ask you to be realistic. Go to the King of KSA and ask him what is it about his plan that has so many upset. What can be done to achieve success. It can be done if you believe in yourself and take the time to form committees and send letters to your government and the key governments around you. These people do want to hear from you. You hands may be small and if you apply the concept of one step at a time you will achieve greatly.


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