Jews, Muslims and Christians have been living together in Palestine in peace for centuries with no partition. Who are Zionists to create one?

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Comment by Angele Lourice Clark born Rabba on January 8, 2010 at 4:54pm
My respects to Rabbi Weiss he is a voice in the wilderness of hate and misunderstanding. He is truly a man of GOD
Comment by Angele Lourice Clark born Rabba on January 8, 2010 at 4:47pm
Corey and Sansmom you are so WRONG! My grandmother was a Muslem who married a greek orthodox christian, The only specificaton was that the children were braught up in the fathers faith . My father was greek orthodox , my mother catholic and many relatives who were muslem. Ask the people dont depend on history books.Get your facts right
Comment by seansmom on January 7, 2010 at 4:12am
It most certainly is not a fallacy perpetrated by Muslim How funny of you to come up with that! I see a marked tendency to be marginalized around here like I am a minority nut case of some sort.
Most of the holocaust survivor Jews wanted not one thing to do with Zionism. I know that just by reading the memoirs of the survivors. I have heard and read from other Israel immigrants that they were seduced into immigration by the promise of food and a better life only to find themselves in terrible conditions, terrible food, terrible accommodations and found themselves doing the grunt work for the European Ashkenazim Jews. My father in law worked in the King David Hotel with his Jewish best friend before the Zionists blew it up. His Jewish friend tells him one day "if the west wins the war the Arabs are screwed."
Your comment on Europe and Jews, well we all know who kills the Jews, don't we? I would agree that Zionism in and of itself is not evil, it's what they do with it. By now I don't know how anyone could find it agreeable. Albert Einstein renounced the Jewish State after it became clear the Zionism he invested in had been hijacked by fascists elements. That fact has not changed. It never was Arab friendly and never will be by it's nature.
Couple more points. #1 every society has it's trying times, nothing that happened in the Middle East to Jews compares to what the Europeans had perpetrated on them and the Muslims were their friends throughout the ages. I see the US in no different terms than Europe when people become angry and lash out, it will be the white Christian against everyone else. One day they are going to catch on that it's not the Arabs that have been causing them trouble. I fear for Jews on that day.
Comment by Corey Gil-Shuster on January 6, 2010 at 5:43pm
Jews, Muslims and Christians have been living together in Palestine in peace for centuries with no partition.
Actually I have to point out that this is not entirely true. Compared to Europe, Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in relative peace and friendship. Howwever, these communities in the Middle East tend to be insular in terms of marriage and communal associations. So, for example, the good relations would not extend to an openess to intermarriage (without one converting to ther other's religion and often losing ties to their families). Also, throughout Middle Eastern history there were periods of tensions and violence between these communities that are not related to Zionism. As I am related to Jews who are from the Middle East, I have heard the other side ot the story.

It doesn't mean we can't have good relations. I am just pointing out that this is a falicy based on the interpretation of the majority population (Muslim Arabs and Palestinians) and not necessarily the views of the minority populations (Jews, Christians, Druze, etc.).

I would also point out that Zionism as a concept is a movement aimed at the self-determination of Jews in its tribal homeland. There is nothing inherently evil in Zionism. Like all movements and belief systems, it is how it is used that matters. Painting Zionism as evil is not a helpful tactic considering most Jews consider themselves Zionists. Getting the majority to change their beliefs is not an easy task. However, getting them to include Palestinians and their rights in their worldview is a much easier tactic and more profitable in the long run. In my opinion.


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