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Comment by اسامه محمد on February 5, 2010 at 4:25pm
No one can change or isolate Hamas for the obvious reason that Hamas is a part of Palestine and its people as the Jews are part of the people of Israel, and accept that which is in tune with secular Zionism from your point of view, this does not mean we do not accept Hamas as you can that you do not need to Tghebo Jewish try, and they are in power understand the world and they are the nucleus of a lesson for all Muslims in the world are the future but it would accept all the extremists in the system, that the existence of Hamas is a project that everyone needs to reach a result acceptable to all and end a conflict that will pursue future generations to combine and integrate the secular religion of Judaism Zionism project off the ground, the foundations of the axis of a Jewish state and a Palestinian state on the basis of the project, which reported in the past so that the whole world in a common intellectual Naim peace first, then peace fair
Comment by اسامه محمد on February 5, 2010 at 4:24pm
لا أحد يستطيع أن يغير او يعزل حماس لسبب واضح أن حماس هى جزء من فلسطين وشعبه كما اليهود هم جزء من شعب أسرائيل وان قبلنا بأن نواكب العلمانيه وهى الصهيونيه من وجهه نظركم فهذا لا يعنى اننا لا نقبل حماس كما أنتم لا تستطيعون أن تغيبو اليهوديه نحتاج أن نجرب وجودهم فى السلطه فهم نواة العالم وهم عبرة لكل المسلمين فى العالم بل هم المستقبل الذى سيقبل به كل المتطرفين فى هذة المنظومه اى وجود حماس هو مشروع يحتاجه الجميع لنصل الى نتيجه يقبلها الجميع وينهى الصراع الذى سيلاحق الاجيال القادمه بأن ندمج العلمانيه بالدين وندمج الصهيونيه فى اليهوديه كمشروع ينطلق من محور الارض أسس دوله عبريه ودوله فلسطينيه على منطلق المشروع الذى ذكرته فى السابق حتى يكون العالم كله مشترك فى نعيم السلام الفكرى أولا ثم السلام المنصف
Comment by Melitta on February 5, 2010 at 11:27am
I wish the video would explain what the group means by the liberation of Gaza.
Liberation from the control of Hamas? It is wonderful that people is so interested in
other human beings. Did they know that in Egypt there are about a million refugees from Darfur and South Sudan living under subhuman conditions? Do they care about the ethnic cleansing and genocide that is happening in Sudan for years supported by the Arab league ?


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